Evangelism and Church Planting
COF has been in the business of church planting in unreached areas of Ghana. We have done work in eight out of the ten regions in Ghana. COF has planted over 600 Churches in Ghana. Christian denominations including Presbyterian, Evangelical Presbyterian, Global Evangelical, Assemblies of God, Baptist and others have all benefited from the congregations that COF workers have planted.

Training of workers
COF has followed closely the Lord’s instruction to go and make disciples. Thus  COF sees training at the grassroots as the pivot for growth in unreached areas. We offer ministry training as well as economic and micro enterprise and other training programs relevant to the holistic transformation of lives and communities.

Social Action
COF is not only interested in saving souls and making them fit for heaven but also tries to show compassion and be involved in solving the needs of the masses in ministry areas. We have established schools and vocational centres, catered for the needs of widows and orphans, held out welcoming arms to converted Muslims who have been turned out from their homes, imparted income generation skills and offered start-up capital for poor women, offered goats  to poor families for rearing, arranged for treatment for the sick, provided potable water in communities, advocated and cared for women accused of witchcraft and abandoned in witches camps.